Building Proof of Commerce

VISIT Milwaukee

Don’t let the “easy” attitude fool you.

In Milwaukee, it’s all about the ROI.

Proving campaign effectiveness has long been the holy grail of destination marketing. Sure, you can promote a city in a fun, eye-catching way, but does it actually result in tourists coming to town and spending money?

Thanks to smart, data-driven campaigns — fueled by evocative messages and utilizing emerging technologies — we finally know the answer.

The journey to tracking ROI

Awareness Engagement Proof of Commerce


Traditional media targeted potential visitors

and told the story of a world-class city that was often overlooked.

Standard Engagement

Digital ads and custom web itineraries were helpful — and trackable.

Customized itineraries and improved user experience kept online visitors coming back.

Laptop Laptop

Detailed web analytics told us what was capturing interest

so we could plan future campaigns accordingly.

High-value Engagement

We went a step further and brought the Milwaukee experience directly to your laptop, phone or tablet.

We whet potential visitors' appetites with an array of immersive videos and social experiences. Online comments, shares and likes not only boosted the signal, but also helped us quantify the buzz generated by each and every piece.

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90% Growth in on-page engagement year over year.

Proof of Commerce

Connecting the dots through data analysis & emerging technologies.

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Our strategists utilized location profiling by customizing a market-leading attribution platform.

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Then they layered our data with state revenue input to produce a remarkably complete picture of how our ads triggered visitor behaviors.

That means we know

  • Who saw an ad
  • What ad they saw
  • Where they were when they saw it
when they arrived in Milwaukee.

Our ads influenced tourists to visit


And we have the data to PROVE it.

Happy Tourists

22.5 Million Tourists

= $5.25 BILLION in hotel, entertainment & dining revenue