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The Death of the Third-Party Cookie—Part 1: How We Got Here & How Advertisers Will Survive

Remember when DVR first came out (or even VHS)? Advertisers went into a panic—many thought people would never watch ads again. But what happened? The market adjusted, advertisers focused their approach, and advertising still lives on. (In fact, plenty of people actually enjoy watching ads.) These days, the digital advertising world is about to go […]

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Jigsaw, a 17-year-old startup

The “Threshold Concepts” theory in education is so named because a threshold represents the border between the safety and security of within and the unfamiliar and unknown that lies beyond. All meaningful journeys begin with leaving a familiar space and crossing over to the riskier territory across the threshold, and entering that “not so sure” space can be a catalyst for transformation.

How the Pandemic Has Amplified Growth in Digital Media

Online content consumption is surging and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The pandemic has only amplified trends we have been seeing over the past five years. Analysts and industry hawks are in overdrive as they interpret how Covid-19 has changed our media habits—possibly permanently. Let’s walk through some of the most significant findings and […]

NFTs: Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is the powerhouse for innovation and transformation. We know that well as advertisers and brand builders. And in real estate it’s long been known, when the artists move into a neighborhood, it won’t be long for revitalization to take hold. There’s an invigorating buzz in the air and investment money follows with multi-million dollar […]

Integrating Google Search Partners Into Paid Search Campaigns

Using Google search partners is effective at expanding the reach of your search or shopping campaign if you don’t mind less control and visibility compared to Google’s search network. But what are Google Search Partners and why should you care about them? Google search partners are websites that have partnered with Google to show ads. […]

Healthcare Marketing Awards Gold For Jigsaw Clients

We are proud to announce that three of our healthcare clients were awarded Gold in the Healthcare Marketing Report’s 37th Annual Advertising Awards. Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) won in the Digital Marketing Program category; Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW) was recognized for its website and Vivent Health received Gold for its integrated marketing campaign, […]

Purpose-Driven Brands Helping Parents Become Homeschool Heroes

As parents, we are trained for moments of everyday greatness. It’s already a tough job to be a working, cleaning, cooking, caring parent, and now the global pandemic has given way to a new challenge—homeschooling your children. Schools in over 100 countries are closed to protect against the spread of coronavirus, affecting the education of […]

So Now What?
Marketing Advice For Times Of Crisis

It’s 10AM on March 30th—do you know where your customers are right now? They’re at home, of course. And you are too, most likely. It’s rare when a single cause—in this case, a global pandemic—can have such an all-encompassing impact on the daily lives of people regardless of where they live, what they do for […]

The Unexpected Truth About Creepy Digital Marketing

I attended a panel discussion about tourism branding yesterday. The audience was mixed: media, local business leaders, politicians, and yes, marketers. Attribution software was heralded as an effective method to determine if online advertising influences destination decisions and arrivals. The woman sitting next to me, unaware of my profession, whispered to me, “That’s so scary. […]

Taking Stock, Donating Socks

West Wisconsin Avenue has come a long way since we planted our flag here nearly 15 years ago. And recently, the Milwaukee Business Journal dubbed it “the place to be.” We couldn’t be more thrilled to witness and be a part of that progress. Even though we are in the heart of the resurgence, we […]