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Volkswagen has 7,000 inspectors. And all of them, have their backs turned to you.

How ironic that a commercial from the 1950’s would be so relevant to the latest Volkswagen scandal. Ironic that the commercial was made before emission controls. Ironic that the Volkswagen inspectors have their backs to the camera. Ironic that they say they inspect, “…even the things you can’t see…” Ironic in just how ironic this […]

Did I mention, I got asked to judge the Clios?

While I haven’t been too vocal about it,  it’s true—I got asked to judge the Clio Healthcare awards. What’s that? Well, it’s a newer awards competition, a sibling contest, similar to the long-standing Clio Awards, that is supposed to recognize the challenges that health care presents advertisers and agencies. Why me? Well mostly because we […]

Saxman episode 1

A little over a year ago Jigsaw moved into our current space. Very welcome news to those crowded at the time, listening to each other’s phone conversations or too-loud headphones, because we were stacked into the common areas at the old space (That’s true here now, too—but a story for another time). To our surprise, […]