Jigsaw promotes Amanda Janssen-Egan and Mike Luedke to junior partners

Expanded partnership structure positions agency for continued growth in digital marketing.

Milwaukee (September 18, 2017) – Jigsaw, a Milwaukee-based full-service agency known for its creative problem-solving approach to branding, has promoted Mike Luedke and Amanda Janssen-Egan to junior partners. Luedke is director of strategy and Janssen-Egan is media director.

Both will assume partner positions, highlighting Jigsaw’s investment in cultivating the next generation of leaders. Luedke and Janssen-Egan will be more involved with management decisions and will help steer the agency’s direction to keep Jigsaw out ahead in an omnichannel and digitally focused media landscape. The transition reflects what more millennials are looking for in their careers, including ownership of their work, opportunities to grow and a collaborative work environment.

“Amanda and Mike are experts in their respective fields and have demonstrated the skills and talent necessary for these critical leadership roles,” said Steve Marsho, one of Jigsaw’s founding partners along with Steven Wold, chief creative officer. “Digital is in their DNA, and we are doubling bench strength in digital strategy and media, and are constantly investing in new tools, services and people.”

Jigsaw, a Google-certified agency and Hubspot partner, uses an integrated and collaborative team approach to create more meaningful and impactful campaigns for their clients, and to keep employees well-positioned to identify trends and anticipate what’s coming next in the digital world. Janssen-Egan and Luedke will continue to work closely to plan, strategize and execute all campaigns.

Janssen-Egan has 11 years of experience in media planning at several prominent Milwaukee agencies and is an IAB-certified digital media buyer and planner. Her expertise lies in media strategy and the development of comprehensive media plans that integrate traditional and digital media channels.

“People are spending over 12 hours every day with various forms of media, so it’s more important than ever to reach consumers through multiple touchpoints, and have these touchpoints work together,” said Janssen-Egan. “In this ever-changing industry, I’m looking forward to taking current and future clients to the next level in the digital ad space, whatever that might be.”

Luedke has 10 years of experience in digital marketing strategy and previously worked at a number of technology startups. He also helped start a nonprofit in Nepal focused on education and disaster relief. He is Google Analytics and Adwords certified and an expert in using data from web analytics, traditional and digital media, and other sources to analyze and optimize digital strategies on a variety of platforms. Drawing from both his startup and agency backgrounds, Luedke maintains a data-driven approach with a strong focus on empathetic and creative messaging in the digital space.

“The value of what we do here at Jigsaw, in terms of digital campaigns, would be nothing without the authenticity of our messages and the emotional connection with consumers,” said Luedke. “We still sell creativity here, and digital just happens to be one of the vehicles we now have. It’s essential to have creativity behind the digital connection with our audiences, and ultimately give people a reason to engage.”

About Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a Milwaukee-based full-service agency established in 2004 that distinguishes itself by focusing on a culture of curiosity, diligence and entrepreneurialism in a collaborative environment. The agency works with clients to find the truths in customer behavior, which result in creative that is more relevant and more effective. Jigsaw’s core competencies include: strategic and integrated planning, brand identity management, research, advertising and design interactive, media planning and buying. Some of Jigsaw’s current clients include Lake Consumer Products, Landmark Credit Union, ManpowerGroup and VISIT Milwaukee.