A Movember to Remember

For the first time, the men of Jigsaw are creating a team and participating in Movember. If the term”Movember” is new to you, it is an annual effort each November to raise awareness for men’s health by growing mustaches. As a team we will raise funds that will be donated to help initiatives for prostate and testicular cancer. We will also be enhancing our facial features, manliness, and confidence—to name a few of the many benefits that come with wearing a ‘stache.

And—as if you need any other reason to give your upper lip a little extra insulation this fall, we are not only partaking in Movember to raise awareness for men’s health issues, but we are also supporting the return of our beloved office manager, Madonna. She has been away from us too long, so the collective power of our mustache growth will be concentrated and used to get her healthy and back to work.

Mustaches for Madonna begin today!