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Is sharing really caring?

How many social interaction sites could we possibly need? Pause for effect. I realize the difference between needing and wanting is different, but honestly here, what’s going on? Now before I go pointing fingers, I’ll admit I just signed up for the new Google+ community. I think that’s the reason for this more-or-less rant. I […]

Latest research provides profiles of SNS users

Yesterday the Pew Internet & American Life Project published a new research on social networking sites (SNS) and our lives (link to PDF). There are some very interesting numbers and insights, but what I found very useful is all the data that allows us to profile the users of the major networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  […]

Participation inequality on Twitter

A new Yahoo! research report titled “Who says what to whom on Twitter” claims that only 0.05% of Twitter users attract attention. The study was picked up by Mashable and everyone and his/her grandma started to discuss the value of Twitter and its potential as a social media marketing tool. Some discussions even occurred offline. […]

Twitter or Facebook? Which one is better for social marketing?

From Sue and Addy. We believe that our shiny new site isn’t just a place for Jigsaw to share our work, opinions, thoughts and experiences as an idea agency. It is another tool to help our clients and interested others navigate through a hyperconnected and fast-paced world where we have 140 characters/10 seconds to get […]

When a Klout score is not enough

Last week Advertising Age published an article on the possibilities of using Klout score and other online influence measurement tools for marketing campaigns. The author, David Teicher, mentioned the Palms Hotel and Virgin America as examples of companies using online influencers to promote their products and services. Although it was refreshing to see that more […]

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