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Hunger Task Force peanut butter drive is sticky brilliance

Our friends at Hunger Task Force here in Milwaukee are encouraging people to have peanut butter drives. At the time I’m writing this, Milwaukee has stepped up in a HUUUUGE way, donating 95,156 jars. Yep. Milwaukee pretty much rocks. We caught wind of this on Twitter, thanks to Julie Larsen other local organizers of #PBrally, […]

True in advertising strategy and life: talk about yourself, but only in the context of others

It’s not new news, but most of the time, even in our changing world—many advertisers still want to talk more about themselves than their consumers. In their version of the advertising strategy, features outweigh benefits in key messaging platforms. Especially with limited dollars, “more bang for the buck” comes with cramming every nook and cranny […]

What’s your social media strategy?

Harvard Business Review has a piece in its latest issue (July/August) called “What’s Your Social Media Strategy?” Except it’s not really about strategies so much as styles or profiles or user types. No one says (I hope) we’re going to achieve this goal by being a “predictive practitioner”. Semantics aside, it’s interesting research that can […]

Does the PGA have a brand problem? Do they care?

OK I’ll admit: I didn’t pay much attention to the U.S. Open over this past weekend. I like golf, I golf here and there — when I can block out 5 hours of my day. I’m a bad golfer, inconsistent and all over the place. I have friends and family who follow golf so I […]

Twitter or Facebook? Which one is better for social marketing?

From Sue and Addy. We believe that our shiny new site isn’t just a place for Jigsaw to share our work, opinions, thoughts and experiences as an idea agency. It is another tool to help our clients and interested others navigate through a hyperconnected and fast-paced world where we have 140 characters/10 seconds to get […]

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