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Lessons from the marketing funnel

It was a day like any other when one of my colleagues said, “I can lead a horse to water… but if there’s no water there… well… I don’t know how to help you.” I said a day like any other, because the tone was sarcastic and he was being facetious—and the comment ended in […]

Participation inequality on Twitter

A new Yahoo! research report titled “Who says what to whom on Twitter” claims that only 0.05% of Twitter users attract attention. The study was picked up by Mashable and everyone and his/her grandma started to discuss the value of Twitter and its potential as a social media marketing tool. Some discussions even occurred offline. […]

Healthcare and social media: Boundaries without barriers

Yesterday I went to an excellent panel discussion on social media in healthcare, including Dana Lewis from Swedish Health Services, Daniel Goldman from Mayo Clinic, Ed Bennett from University of Maryland Medical System, Jennifer Shine Dyer from Ohio State University and Dr. Keely Kolmes, a private psychotherapy practitioner. These are all individuals who are very […]

Twitter or Facebook? Which one is better for social marketing?

From Sue and Addy. We believe that our shiny new site isn’t just a place for Jigsaw to share our work, opinions, thoughts and experiences as an idea agency. It is another tool to help our clients and interested others navigate through a hyperconnected and fast-paced world where we have 140 characters/10 seconds to get […]

Social marketing trends, predictions and new skills

In the past few weeks the interwebs were flooded with social media and social marketing trends and predictions for 2011. (Let me Google that for you, if you haven’t seen one of the 837467382904 posts on the topic.) What will happen in the social media space in 2011? A lot of exciting things: from average […]

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