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The influence of sound on creativity

It’s one of my lifelines. It’s something that I try and bring with me everywhere I venture. I’m constantly looking for more. Drugs? No. Not unless you argue the properties of physics. I’m talking about music. Which one could probably argue has similar effects on the body. Personally, sound has the ability to alter my […]

The nuttiness of brand marketing

Awhile back I was chatting with my sister and brother-in-law about the current Get Crackin’ ad campaign for pistachios – which is cute. Hopefully you’ve seen it – but for this discussion it’s not really critical that you watch it before we go further. I commented that I thought it was pretty cool, and a bit […]

The 5 most important questions about online influence

I participated in a great #smmeasure (Social Media Measurement) Twitter chat yesterday. The topic was online influence and how to use it for social marketing purposes, a personal favorite. After the chat, several people asked me to define influence and explain how to find the right individuals. Since it seems that more than one person […]

When a Klout score is not enough

Last week Advertising Age published an article on the possibilities of using Klout score and other online influence measurement tools for marketing campaigns. The author, David Teicher, mentioned the Palms Hotel and Virgin America as examples of companies using online influencers to promote their products and services. Although it was refreshing to see that more […]