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Not to app… still.

Given two studies on preference for mobile web versus mobile apps, I stand behind my previous post’s conviction: the mobile web is where brands need to be. Consumers and advertisers slightly prefer the mobile web. Consumers are pretty evenly divided on the debate when polled. It comes down to what they’re doing online. When shopping, searching […]

Mobility and connectivity: mobile trends and changes in behavior

I’ve had some interesting conversations about mobile trends in the past few weeks, just like everyone else in the industry. Ok, maybe not everyone is having interesting conversations, but most people are at least paying attention to what is happening in the mobile space. Honestly, I did not realize how HUGE mobile is and how […]

SxSWi: shiny objects, douchebaggery, utility and brilliant people

As a SxSWi virgin going into this year’s conference, many had forewarned me about its immense size, its logistical challenges and its sometimes-inconsistent content quality. It’s a monster thing to get your head around (especially for someone like me who the Jigsaw OrangeAid interns think of as a slow-loading web page to begin with). So, […]

To app or not to app?

So, the 10 billionth app (that’s 10,000,000,000th) was downloaded from the iTunes App Store on January 22, 2011 at approx. 9.30AM UK time (1:30AM PST/4:30AM EST). The free Paper Glider app won the British family a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Angry Birds has consistently reigned as one of the most popular paid iPhone app since […]