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Bits & Pieces?

Bits & Pieces

Since its launch (covered on Thanksgiving in this great OnMilwaukee article), the FoodFightMKE crew has been busy planning to rock three great December events to raise hunger awareness and money to help Hunger Task Force beat hunger in Milwaukee this holiday season.

The next event is FoodFightMKE night at AJ Bombers, next Friday, December 9th 5PM-7PM. AJ Bombers is always fun, and jumped in early on to ask how they could help get FoodFightMKE off the ground. We’ll be serving up a special cocktail, the Hunger Hammer. Just for showing up, you get a ticket to win some ridiculously great door prizes, from generous, community-minded folks including Radio Milwaukee, Sprecher Brewery, Stone Creek Coffee, Mason Street Grill, and Botanas. Who knows what else the FoodFightMKE crew will dream up for this event.

The very next day (go easy on those Hunger Hammers, kids!), December 10th, from Noon to 4PM at Best Place at Historic Pabst Brewery, we’ll be at the MKEfoodies holiday charity bake sale, benefitting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. A bake sale, with a great group (MKEfoodies), for a great cause, followed by an after-party at Hotel Metro? We’re in. We’ll be there selling our cookies and showing our support. (Technically, it’s not a hunger fundraiser, to be clear. But if you want, you can still donate cash or by texting FOOD to 52000.)

Finally, there’s a really exciting food event called Soup & Bread: FoodFightMKE Edition on the front burner (ouch…pun…sorry) for December 15, 6PM-8:30PM at Riverwest Public House. Area foodies and chefs, including Dan Van Rite of Hinterland , Justin Aprahamian from Sanford, Mitchell Ciohon of Sabor and Ryan Oschman from The Eatery, will donate soup and bread. Those attending can donate “at will” whatever they can to FoodFightMKE. It’s an event that will fill your stomach and warm your soul.

HUGE thanks to all of our amazing and generous community partners, including AJ Bombers, Radio Milwaukee, Sprecher Brewery, Stone Creek Coffee, Marcus Restaurants/Mason Street Grill, Botanas, MKEfoodies and Soup & Bread. It’s heart-warming to see the Milwaukee community rallying around these events to give hunger the finger.

Now all we need is…you. Please join us in this fight against hunger by joining us at these events, or simply texting FOOD to 52000 to make a $10 donation to Hunger Task Force.

We wish you the happiest of holidays : ]

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If it’s not obvious from the title of this blog post, we are looking for interns to join us for the fourth cycle of our internship program OrangeAid.

Let me rephrase that, we’ve gone through three cycles of the internship. Three. That’s an entire year. 12 amazing students. One brochure. Two identities. Two websites plus one in the works. One Milwaukee 99 award. One movement. And we want to do more of that, so join us. We are looking for big-hearted, passionate, talented, smart, curious and fun college students and recent graduates with 15 flexible hours a week and desire to learn, grow and help the community. Apply (click on this link) by December 18th, 2011. If you have questions, e-mail us at makeorangeaid@jigsawllc.com, reach out to us on Twitter (@makeorangeaid) or even ask a question on Tumblr (yes, how fancy!).

In case you haven’t been stalking us online (that’s OK, we still like you), here’s what being part of OrangeAid means, according to Joel Rottier. Joel has been an OrangeAider for two semesters now. He is an expert on the topic, so trust him.


When someone asks me to describe my time at Jigsaw as an OrangeAid intern, one word comes to mind: Vortex. It was a word that I noticed scribbled on one of the dry erase boards around the office. I doubt it was suppose to mean anything important, but it represents a lot of what OrangeAid taught me. Coming into the program, I didn’t have much experience with deadlines or critiques other than what you learn in school. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I learned pretty quickly that OrangeAid doesn’t work like school.

Things. Move. Fast. You get one semester, and it’s up to you and your team to get as much done as you possibly can. You make your plan. You go for it.

I learned that your first idea is never the best you can come up with, and either is your second, third or fourth. You will get challenged every step of the way, and I can promise you, you’ll come out better for it in the end.

For future OrangeAid sponges, my advice to you: Leave judgment at the door. Never hold back. Leave no idea behind. Think outside of the box. Bring chocolate. Speak up. Have fun. Ask for help. Prepare to learn more than you could have ever expected to, and remember that the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out. At the end of the semester you’ll look back and wonder where the time went. It will feel like a blur, a vortex of experience, laughs, great people, lots of candy and the color orange.

So go apply! The deadline is December 18th. Get your application in early! Go above and beyond for your application. Do something awesome and show them what you’ll bring to the table. Read the application carefully and follow all the steps! Trust me, you wont regret it for a second.

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Summer is over *sad panda face*. Or almost over. The fall semester is here which means the new group of OrangeAid interns is here as well. Well, kind of. We have only one new intern – Sallie. The other three you already know. For one reason or another, they loved our internship program so much that they begged us, even tried to bribe us, to let them spend another awesome semester with us. As the nice people we are, we couldn’t say no to these bright young minds. So Bryan, Dan and Joel will spend four more months with us and work on another community project.

OrangeAid interns

Sallie Stacker is a senior at Marquette University majoring in advertising. She has a alter ego that DJs on the side for Marquette Radio; from now on she will be responsible to selecting the daily OrangeAid soundtrack. How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days may or may not have had a major impact on her decision to become an ad woman.

Dan Kowalsky was among the first group of interns; the kids that developed this. He is a recent Marquette marketing graduate,  proud Wisconsinite and eternal optimist who is ready to take the marketing world by storm. He wanted me to specifically point out  that he is not related to the penguin from Madagascar.

Bryan and Joel were with us last semester.

Bryan Padovano is a senior at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design majoring in communications design. Last time I introduced him as funny, smart, talented and passionate about what he does. I stand behind my words. He also likes balloons and photos of bunnies.

Joel Rottier is a senior majoring in graphic design with a background in strategic communication at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He doesn’t know how to write cursive but he makes up for that by being a fan of sticky notes and sticky notes art.

Say hello. Bring them chocolate.

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This is a guest blog post from our intern Laura who reflects on her summer internship experience.

Throughout Fonzie’s life there were many girls who were influential to his career. Once upon a time the glorious…

And that’s what you get when you let all the interns try to write a blog post together. It’s probably better that you don’t ask questions about that, but if you ever get a chance visit the Bronze Fonz down on the Milwaukee River.

So for me this whole summer internship and experience started in Dublin, Ireland. I studied abroad for the month of May around Ireland and was sitting in the Dublin airport waiting for one of my three flights home when I got the news that I was a new OrangeAid sponge. I remember walking into the office on the first day and got paraded around being introduced and feeling like I was going through sorority recruitment all of over again (not something you ever want to do twice).  Then we got down to business.

We were given our client and dove right into their strategy and concepts feeling like the Mad Men themselves. This was in the beginning of June. Now it’s nearing the end of August and I’m already back at school waiting to spend my money on books, pens, and notebooks (because that is exactly what I want to spend my money on).

My eyes have been opened to exactly how a project is completed and the biggest lesson I learned all summer. Are you ready for it? Okay good. You can always revise something to be better. We wrote numerous amounts of copy for our client and through our own revisions about 89% of it is currently in a trash can or crossed out on paper in bright red pen. But seeing that and going forward was always encouraging. Everyone working with us wouldn’t just shoot us down but they would raise the bar a little higher so we could really write and be proud of our accomplishments. I mean, I learned a lot of other stuff too that I will take with me in life. For example, 62% is the best amount of cocoa to be in chocolate, and Icelandic candy is not yummy…at all. But in all seriousness, this internship has only strengthened my want to be in the  Ad World and find my niche in a place like Jigsaw.

This summer has flown by so fast, but Jigsaw and OrangeAid have definitely been a good time.  Seeing the orange gorilla sitting out, taking over an empty office looking out to the Bronze Fonz and having sticky notes upon sticky notes clinging to my notebook with reminders and ideas have all made my summer and provided a few good laughs.  It was also great being treated as an intern with a mind rather than an errand girl or copy girl, we even got graph paper delivered to us! (Bryan and Joel are probably still freaking out about that.)

Working with everyone and learning what goes on the big kid world helped me realize that I may actually survive and not get eaten by sharks when I eventually graduate college. But really, I don’t think I can say how much I appreciate everything I was taught and the experience I was given through OrangeAid. I even got to go on a field trip and take a picture with the Bronze Fonz! (ps. Where are those pictures?)

Orange FTW

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Happy July.

It’s time to start preparing for fall and with that comes the search for the next group of OrangeAid sponges. That’s right. You have another chance to become a part of the awesomeness that is OrangeAid. We are looking for big-hearted, passionate, talented, smart, curious and fun college students and recent graduates with 15 flexible hours a week and desire to learn and grow to join our creative mashup and help the community with a pro bono project.

OrangeAid operates as a student agency / think-tank / laboratory within the agency, bringing together people with passion and diverse backgrounds (strategy, psychology, design,  advertising, interactive development, event planning, PR, math, journalism, engineering, photography, film, happiness studies. You get the point). As part of OrangeAid, you will get hands-on experience, one-on-one mentorship, exposure to the daily life in this industry, understanding of how everything works together and the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good. You will work with teammates and mentors with diverse talents, learn from each other and create awesome work.

The deadline is August 1st by 5 p.m. and you can find the application form here. If you have any questions, get in touch with us @MakeOrangeAid on Twitter or submit questions through our Tumblr (click on the “Ask us” link). Good luck.


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