We are a collection of the most insatiably curious, incredibly diligent, and instinctively entrepreneurial people each of us has ever met.

We find answers to complex problems by first and foremost seeking the truth.

We have a lot of other things in common, including that we are a study in contradictions. Sounds interesting? It is.

Swipe the eraser right & left

We have our share of creative, advertising, web and industry-specific awards.

They include regional, national and international recognition.

We’re proud of them and we’ll show them to you if you’re interested.

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But we think it’s more interesting to see the accomplishments that made our people who they are today and make our company what it is — a collection of very unique individuals.

Meet the Team

David Refinski

Director of Account Service

Johnny Abbate

Director / Digital Services

Steve Clementi

Creative Director / Marketing and Brand Strategist

Charlie Collins

Digital Analyst / Campaign Strategist

Anne Linginfelter

Art Director

Madonna Keefe

Office Manager

Dana Schoonover

Senior Account Executive

Steven Wold


Cory Ampe

Account Supervisor / Content Lead

Marty Defatte

Front End Developer

Amanda Janssen-Egan

Media Director

Steven Marsho


Mike Luedke

Digital Strategist

Heather Bolyard

Senior Art Director

Scott Lynch

Creative Director

Riya Kuchny

Financial Director