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10 Questions with the Jigsaw Newbies: Alex Mora

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Only 23 years old and having already met the Milverine, Alex might have opted for early retirement if Jigsaw hadn’t come along. After three happy months as a carefree intern he launched his career as a full-time pixel pusher. A recovering endorphin-junkie, Alex’s spare time is split between the gym, exploring Milwaukee’s sushi scene, and grumbling about the post-Tobey Maguire Spiderman era.

What is your title at Jigsaw?
Assistant Art Director

What is your favorite thing to do locally (besides work here)?
Explore the city. I like where I’m from and I like to take advantage of what the city has to offer.

If you were a cereal box character, which one would you be?
Tony the Tiger. He only ever says two words, like me.

What is the most played song on your iPod?
Probably “Eye of the Tiger.” I like to listen to motivational music when I work out, and nobody needs an energy drink when you have that song blasting.

If you could learn anything, what would it be?
I wanna learn everything, I guess. I know it’s impossible, but I like to learn.

What is your personal life motto?
I grew up watching The Lion King, so “Hakuna Matata.”

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
In third grade I remember writing down that I wanted to be a graphic designer—I had no idea what it was but I wanted to be one.

What is the last movie/TV show/book that made you cry?
“Born to Be Wild”—the gorilla is left behind!

What brought you to Jigsaw?
Ever since college I’ve gone with the wind—and then wind blew me here.

Where can people find you online?
Instagram: CaptainLiger
Twitter: @Alex_Liger

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