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Interactive Billboard Draws Attention in New York Subway

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An interactive billboard on the wall of a subway station in New York City was installed recently that drew mass attention.  Its purpose was  to advertise the new Lifetime network drama “Witches of East End.” It appears to be just a glowing green eye, however it follows people as they walk past.  If someone stops walking and turns to face the eye straight on, birds fly out of it, the eye dissolves into a spooky forest, and a white shadow appears.  The words “Move your arms to cast the dark spirits out of the forest.” Appear on the screen. Those who move their arms see flames appear on the trees.  Its a game. The harder you flap your arms, the higher the flames.  When the flames can’t go any higher, the game is over.

The interactive screen was created by a company called Pearl Media using gesture technology. On the same lines as facial recognition technology, gesture technology uses mathematical algorithms to interpret human gestures.

These types of technologies are perhaps the future of out-of-home advertising. They enable us to engage consumers in ways like never before, creating memorable experiences connected with your brand.

Amanda Janssen-Egan
Posted by Amanda Janssen-Egan