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Utilizing great creative to help put an end to cyberbullying

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With a number of recent suicides having been directly linked to cyberbullying, the subject has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. With a seemingly ever-proliferating number of messaging apps – that far outpace parents’ ability to be aware of them, much less monitor them – and the ability to make anonymous posts, today’s pre-teens and teens can find themselves subjected to an onslaught of negative commentary. And because the bullying takes place online, adults who might be able to intercede are frequently unaware of the situation, as externally, all seems fine.

A British charity, The Cybersmile Foundation, has created an incredibly powerful video to raise awareness of the topic, with the goal of reaching the people who need it most and preventing more deaths.  Tagged #DONTRETALIATE, it was developed in conjunction with the production company Rattling Stick and marks the beginning of the charity’s global education and awareness campaign for all forms of cyberbullying.

During production of the short film, there were three cyberbullying related suicides in the United Kingdom alone.


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