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MySpace: Call your local advertising agency

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So there’s a big surprise coming: social media is changing. Okay, so that doesn’t surprise anyone, but what might surprise you is that MySpace is back. Or here. Depends on your age. Positioning itself as a community to discover new artists of all types – particularly music – MySpace is spending millions of dollars on an advertising push to help the re-launch.

Here’s the problem. The spot was done in-house and, in my opinion, very poorly. I’ll let you judge for yourself though.

From the initial comments it seems most people agree with me. This spot has no real message and does nothing to tell you why you should come back to MySpace (if you ever used it at all). The idea of MySpace as a creative cornucopia is a decent strategy, however this ad does nothing to convey this message. Even the little bit of text (graffiti) just says “Welcome to the neighborhood.” Why do I want to be there? What will the neighborhood do for me?

This is a perfect example of where agencies (shameless plug: Jigsaw) bring great value. They give a company a view from outside their walls. With in-house agencies there is a HUGE potential for group think and politics to come into play. They know their business better than anyone, which is a good thing. However, it’s also easier for them to forget that everyone else doesn’t know the things they may take for granted.

MySpace is spending $20M in advertising for the re-launch. My bet is that the campaign will see luke-warm results at best and with a little outside thinking (and a little additional cost) this campaign could have been much more than artists being artists, or at least how the stereotypes portray them. In today’s cost-cutting world it’s often a goal to get rid of outside costs and keep everything in-house. The downside of this is that you begin to see and hear only your inside world. And that’s not your customer. Call an agency. We want to help. Really.

Oh, and in other news, Facebook added hashtags #wannabeTwitter

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