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No. 13 {See description below}

Dear Ann,

Thank you for tweeting your idea to honor the boys and girls at Sandy Hook Elementary. The team @Jigsaw_LLC recently completed #26actsofkindness. I asked my madly creative co-workers to share what they learned from participating in this campaign.

If you want to feel liberated, walk into the public market and give money to a stranger.

How beautiful and resilient the human spirit is.

How good it feels to help others without expectation of anything in return.

To never complain. There are so many people having a harder day than me.”

To be grateful every single day that I have such a good life, and because of it, I have the ability to help those who don’t have it so good.

That taking time out of our hectic schedules to help other people, whether something big or something small, is one of the most important things we can do each day. At the end of the day, what’s more important than basic kindness?

I have ten minutes to spare.

There are deserving people everywhere.

I am never more important than anyone else.”

#26acts taught me that a child’s smile is worth so much.

Because of you this happened:

  1. Paid for a stranger’s coffee.
  2. Sponsored two families over the holidays with a meal and presents for their kids.
  3. Coordinated the Kids BackPak program at children’s school. The students bring kid-friendly food items to school, which are then distributed to needy kids on the weekend via their school backpack. This is a way to give the kids, who rely on daily meals at school, meals over the weekend.
  4. Consolidated grocery bags and gave one to stranger whose broke.
  5. Donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston in honor of friend who is running marathon.  The donation was dedicated to the boys and girls killed at Sandy Hook.
  6. Helped a disabled person grocery shop at the Metro Market.
  7. Donated winter coat and cold weather accessories to the Salvation Army.
  8. Paid for person standing behind in line at Alterra.
  9. Helped son’s teacher prepare classroom for the new year.
  10. Paid for veteran’s next round of Stone Creek Coffee.
  11. Paid for another person’s gas at the pump.
  12. Mailed 26 baggies filled with crayons to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin for their kiddos.
  13. Left chalkboard coasters in a neighbor’s mailbox with an anonymous holiday note. {See picture above}
  14. Paid for car behind in parking garage.
  15. Baked cookies for co-workers.
  16. Helped lost person with directions.
  17. Donated peanut butter to the Hunger Task Force 100,000 Jar Drive.
  18. Bought a homeless person Subway.
  19. Shoveled neighbor’s driveway.
  20. Donated 26 pairs of individually wrapped children’s socks to the Joy House. {Part of Milwaukee Rescue Mission}
  21. Helped daughter and classmates make Valentine’s.
  22. Left $5 and note on random car at Milwaukee Public Market.
  23. Helped family whose daughter is receiving cancer treatments.
  24. Found a new shopping cart for an elderly lady whose cart’s wheels weren’t rolling. Helped her move her items to the new cart.
  25. Helped an elderly couple set up their WIFI.
  26. Let a stranger cut the line at Costco because they only had one item.

Thank you for inspiring us to be better.


CC: @Jigsaw_LLC

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