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Jen Kuhn meet John Kuhn: Jigsaw works with Green Bay Packer fullback to promote blood donation

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A month ago our client, BloodCenter of Wisconsin, came to us with news that their January promotion would be enlisting the help of John Kuhn, Green Bay Packer fullback (insert thought about how excited I was that I almost peed in my pants). Now, you are all thinking this is coz’ I share the last name of this NFL star. But… there is something you should know…

You see, we are not related at all. Yet, truly John had become a part of my family. While my dad battled cancer, Sundays were the only time we would forget. Sundays, were where my whole family would wait for that first Kuhn play so we could all turn to each other and yell, “Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn.” John had given something to us that no one else could… he had changed how we felt.

Fast forward to day of shoot. As the cameras rolled and the interview started, I began to realize the power that people like John have. The power to change how we feel. He began his story. We all listened intently. He was animated, poised and as I listened to his words, his story became real. He would not be here today if his dad had not received blood after a tragic motorcycle accident. John, like so many others, had a blood donation story to tell, but more, he had a plea to make with Wisconsinites…

I can only hope that John Kuhn has the power to change how you feel.
Donate blood today.

Amendment to post: As of yesterday, BloodCenter is in a severe blood shortage. If there’s one easy gift you can give this holiday, consider donating NOW.

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