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Farewell Milwaukee—I'll always love you and this agency.

— Jigsaw & Work —

Today marks my last day working at Jigsaw. I am packing up my life (years of accumulation + a case of Spotted Cow) into my little Toyota Corolla, and in 3 days I’ll be embarking on a permanent road trip to Colorado.

I am excited, sad, nervous, stressed, and everything in-between. Before I leave the great state of Wisconsin, I’d like to reminisce about my time at Jigsaw and how much I am going to miss working here.

Here are some of the things I will miss about Jigsaw (in no specific order):

  1. Our Adworkers bowling team, comprised of the best AND worst female bowler…what are the chances??
  2. Beki’s infinite gum supply
  3. The Stevens
  4. Friday mornings (it would be hard to top our hilariously entertaining weekly client meetings)
  5. Wold power walking back and forth past my desk, frequently with a bag of pretzels in hand
  6. Hearing Dione singing and echoing down the hall
  7. Running through the streets of Indy covered in mud, wearing a pink tutu – Go Dirty Girl!
  8. Sharing brownies and cookies with my fellow foodie, Erin
  9. Our new neighbors, Flipeleven
  10. Working with a dedicated, extremely talented, and fun group of people

THANK YOU to everyone at Jigsaw for being great friends and colleagues. I’ve learned a lot from everyone and you will be missed!

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