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Facebook Timeline for brands

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by Rachael Glaszcz, guest blogger

Facebook will reportedly roll out a beta version of timeline interface for brands by the end of February. Is your brand ready? Are you set to detail your company’s accomplishments and perhaps (gasp!) public-worthy failures in glorious chronological order?

Facebook VP-Global Marketing Solutions David Fischer has said Timeline for brands will be “consistent” with the Timeline look for personal profiles, which is picture-heavy and scrapbook-like. If this is the case, companies will want to capitalize on the visual opportunities before them. For example, brands will be able to showcase big, bold photos or muted, clean colors- all depending on what their brand is, of course. Designers have jumped at the chance to mock up possible pages for major brands.

Another factor brands should consider is lifestyle apps and how they will come into play in the timeline interface. Right now apps such as Spotify and Pinterest show up in boxes on a user’s wall. Users “listened to” a song on Spotify and “pinned” something on Pinterest. This goes beyond Facebook users simply “liking” a brand. Spotify and Pinterest have found a way to engage users in a way that basically shouts, “Hey, this user used our brand!”

So with the prospect of the roll out before us, here are a few easy and brief ideas to get you and your brand ready to roll.

1. Consider the cover photo
First impressions are everything. That big, shiny picture will likely be front and center like it is on personal profiles. What is the first impression you want to make when people are perusing your page?

2. Talk about timeline
When was your company born? When did you have your first, major success? When did you attempt something that wasn’t successful at first, but it paved the way for something so successful you would’ve never dreamed it would become reality? How much of this do you want your fans to know? Perhaps you have video of these milestones that you want to share. Think about how you want to organize the information and how detailed you want it to be.

3. Mind your message
When the Timeline rolls out, what is the first thing you want to tell your fans about your new page? Talk about the best ways to showcase your hard work and come up with the messaging you want to use.

Ad Age reports Facebook Timeline for brands will debut February 29th, at fMC, its conference for marketers. What are you doing to get your brand ready?

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