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New Jigsaw client Zywave updating brand identity

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Have you heard about Zywave? We think you should. Zywave is a rapidly-growing, industry-leading company on the Milwaukee software scene. (Yes, there is a Milwaukee software scene.) A software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider in the insurance and financial sectors, Zywave employs approximately 400 people. They are headquartered on Research Drive, in the Innovation Center, which is very apropos.

The Jigsaw team is partnering with Zywave on development of an updated brand identity to better reflect their innovation and growth, with their recent acquisition of a Canadian firm called EISI. Zywave’s new logo and “Zycon” symbol, created by Jigsaw designer Danielle Fritz, are a reflection of its forward-thinking focus and emphasis on driving business growth for its customers.

Here’s a peek at the logo design process.

Exploring different approaches to the “forward arrow” in early rounds



First computer-generated concepts presented to the client


Color exploration with a range of options from expected to unexpected



Type exploration to make the logo more sophisticated






The final Zycon and logo


Updated business cards and letterhead are going to press soon, to be followed by a whole suite of new product logos and new sales collateral.

Jenn Haack, manager of Zywave’s Creative Services department, says:

“We felt it was the ideal time in Zywave’s history to get an outside point of view, having created the majority of our marketing and branding in house for the last 17 years. Jigsaw is a perfect fit because their approach is pragmatic and intelligent. Our fact-finding sessions have been valuable in helping us find the right approach for our materials. I can’t wait to see the end result!”

And neither can we. We’re grateful for the partnership with such a dynamic company.

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