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When exactly is "Christmastime?"

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Bravo Nordstrom.

I recently saw this posted on Facebook and it made me smile. In what’s being called “Christmas Creep,” the marketing universe is trying to push the boundaries of exactly when the Christmas season begins. Retailers keep stretching the calendar. But everywhere you go, you hear people complain and voice their disgust at the presence of Christmas trees and holiday lights around Halloween. It surely disgusts me.

But Nordstrom gets it. And in one genius move, their corporate culture embraced the idea of making Christmastime Christmastime again. What’s even better, they probably threw together these posters, simply laid them out on 8.5 by 11 paper and made copies for their stores. They understand their customer and had to know that their policy would be met with a round of applause.

It’s one amazing example of how a retailer can win customers, not just with low prices, but by echoing their sentiments, and aligning with their customer in a more profound emotional way.

I’d love to know what you think. Is “Christmas Creep” getting out of hand? Or is Nordstrom’s taking too big a risk with this?


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