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To come up with good ideas, keep your finger on the shutter

— Culture & Observations —

My daughter went to her high school’s homecoming recently with 20 of her friends – all girls. Us proud parents hung around taking pictures, capturing group shots of the girls looking fantastic in their homecoming outfits.

One of the parents had the idea of having the girls all jump at the same time so we could take a picture of them in midair.

I placed myself in a good spot, adjusted my focus and right before the girls jumped I held down my shutter. Click click click click click click click click click click click.

I went back through the photos and sure enough found the shot that captured the moment at which they were all in midair. I also had about 10 shots that didn’t.

The other parents waited for the girls to jump and attempted to hit the shutter once — at just the right time. Needless to say, their success rate was quite low, and every time the girls jumped, a majority of the parents would just miss the moment, and were disappointed.

For me it was a great example of how quantity gets you to quality. I got the shot they wanted. But I also had 10 shots no one wanted. The others had no shots anyone wanted because they were relying on just getting the one good one.

But you must fail many times before you get the picture – or the idea – that is going to be the one that solves the problem.

So keep your finger on the shutter – you’ll eventually get the shots you want. And as for the ones you don’t want, that’s just part of the normal process of getting to a solution.


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