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New semester, new group of OrangeAid interns

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Summer is over *sad panda face*. Or almost over. The fall semester is here which means the new group of OrangeAid interns is here as well. Well, kind of. We have only one new intern – Sallie. The other three you already know. For one reason or another, they loved our internship program so much that they begged us, even tried to bribe us, to let them spend another awesome semester with us. As the nice people we are, we couldn’t say no to these bright young minds. So Bryan, Dan and Joel will spend four more months with us and work on another community project.

OrangeAid interns

Sallie Stacker is a senior at Marquette University majoring in advertising. She has a alter ego that DJs on the side for Marquette Radio; from now on she will be responsible to selecting the daily OrangeAid soundtrack. How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days may or may not have had a major impact on her decision to become an ad woman.

Dan Kowalsky was among the first group of interns; the kids that developed this. He is a recent Marquette marketing graduate,  proud Wisconsinite and eternal optimist who is ready to take the marketing world by storm. He wanted me to specifically point out  that he is not related to the penguin from Madagascar.

Bryan and Joel were with us last semester.

Bryan Padovano is a senior at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design majoring in communications design. Last time I introduced him as funny, smart, talented and passionate about what he does. I stand behind my words. He also likes balloons and photos of bunnies.

Joel Rottier is a senior majoring in graphic design with a background in strategic communication at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He doesn’t know how to write cursive but he makes up for that by being a fan of sticky notes and sticky notes art.

Say hello. Bring them chocolate.

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