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Office Space

This line struck a chord with America in "Office Space"

In his book Drive, Daniel H. Pink discusses the motivation of different generations and the question of why people choose the careers/jobs they do. At a certain point most of us look back on our XX number of years on the planet and wonder ā€œWhen am I going to make a difference in the world?ā€

Boomers are reaching the age where they are looking back on a lifetime of accomplishment and asking this question. For those that feel this question still remains unanswered, how can they make that difference? Many are starting second careers based on what they hold important to themselves, not just what pays the most. Purpose becomes the motivating factor for these individuals.

This soul-searching does not limit itself to just Boomers, however. Their children, the Echo-Boomers or Generation Y, seem to have inherited the trait of purpose driving decisions. Salaries alone are no longer enough to attract top talent. Incentives like work/life balance, charitable giving and work environment all play a larger factor to this generation than they did with their parents and generations before that.

So Iā€™d like to pose a couple of questions. Why did you choose the career you did? Was it money? Prestige? Good will? And what benefits are more important to you than the almighty dollar? Are you willing to get paid less in order to enjoy life more? What motivates you?

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