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The season is over

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So the Jigsaw crew made our first visit into the playoff arena with little expectation. After limping through .500 season you become a little “meh” about things. I think that attitude might have helped at the start of the game. Like I said, we had little expectation about this game so we were a little looser that we had been in the past. We just went out and played like it was in our back yard. Just a bunch of kids having some fun. And it was fun. People made plays that they hadn’t made all season. Others kept their game elevated like they had played it all season. The thing was, our opponent was playing the same way. Not a lot of offense because there was a lot of defense. In the top of 5th inning the score was knotted at 2-2. In the bottom half they score 3. In their half of the 6th they added 5 more. And that kind of broke our spirit. We were tired and just wanted to sit in the cool night air, lick our wounds and enjoy a cold beer with each other. And that’s what we did.

When I took this job on, all I wanted to do was accomplish one more win each season than we had accomplished the previous season. We started out 1-9. The next season it was 2-8. Then following year we were .500. And this season we were .500 but we made the playoffs. So next season we’ll be looking to add a little more to this thing that is Jigsaw softball. Hopefully you’ll be around to enjoy it with us. But for now the cooler is empty and I’m going home.



Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell