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#Winning – Jigsaw softball game #8

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Jigsaw 13 – BLZHYN 1 Who?

Don’t bother trying to figure out the pronunciation of this week’s opponent. It’s an acronym for several agencies that banded together to form a team. Teams get put together in this fashion usually by smaller agencies. Sometimes it works. More often than not it doesn’t. Last night it didn’t. Not by their lack of effort, but by the play of the Jigsaw squad. Once again it was a true team effort. We scored in every inning but one. The runs came in bunches. That’s how you win. A little here, a little there and watch it all add up.

The defense was up to the task as well. Our right fielder threw out a runner with a laser beam throw that was caught right in front of the bag as the runner conveniently slid into the tag. Our catcher caught a foul ball that was almost out of play. And it was our first baseman’s first game of the season! He got on base 3 times, scored a run and made a nice stab to glove a ground ball and get the unassisted out. That’s the kind of night is was. Everything just came easy.

Now we head into the tournament feeling confident and ready to play. And we play a team that beat us by 2 earlier in the season. A chance at redemption! Just another reason for you to come on by and check it out. I’ll make sure the beer is cold.


Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell