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PS XIX: Shadows – The Results

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I wanted to avoid saying “the underdog won” because I hate puns, however, that is exactly what happened. Photo Showdown XIX was Matt O’Donnell’s first contest and he wasted no time gathering his first win with his shot of Dirk Diggler (which is his dog, not to be confused with the adult film star portrayed in Boogie Nights). You can see his shot here, if you haven’t already.

I have to break the news to Matt now that he won. I don’t think he knows what he’s got himself into. Next Monday the theme is “Naked Jigsaw”. . . well, that’s not entirely true, but it isn’t necessarily false either. You never know how our photographers interpret the themes.

PS XIX Official Results:

1. Diggler, Matt O’Donnell – 47.62%

2. Milwaukee Plane, Michael Prince – 35.71%

3. Symmetry, Ben Halpin – 16.67%

4. Under the Bridge, Trevor Eiler – ZERO PERCENT! (I didn’t even vote for myself, so don’t feel bad for me)

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