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Thoughts on being green in the office

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Yesterday, as I sat here with both the office air conditioning and the little space heater at my feet trying to cancel each other out, I wondered if there was a more environmentally-friendly way to be comfortable. And then Good.is came up with the answer—install a cloud computing server in my office space!  Not only will it provide heat for the office, but also storage space and extra income!

It made me think about becoming a greener person. Bike to work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Then I started thinking of the logistics. Biking to work means heading down some streets that, at 8 am, are frighteningly busy. Call me a sissy, but me, even with helmet, is no match for the front bumper of a minivan. Let’s not forget about the 85-degree-plus-humidity days we’ve been having, either. Starting the morning out with an offensive scent is, well, offensive.

Taking the stairs would require the building management to open the stairwells for other-than-emergency. Because people hang out in the bathrooms and hallways even with the excellent security this building has right now,  having wide-open stairwells is probably not going to be high on their list.

I will, however, keep putting my scrap paper, soda cans and yogurt containers in the recycle bin. I’ll bring my lunch in reuseable containers. I’ll turn my computer off when I leave at night. Little things do still count, don’t they?

Joanne Droese
Posted by Joanne Droese