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Heat – Jigsaw softball game #7

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Brand X 11 – Jigsaw 9

It was 96 degrees at game time. There was very little warming up (no pun intended), hardly any stretching and no batting practice. Everybody was trying to conserve what little energy we had that the heat hadn’t sapped us of. It’s hard to do anything in sunny 96-degree heat, let alone play softball. And it showed. We scored 1 run in the first 5 innings. 1! In 5 innings! A complete game is 7 innings! That means we were asleep at the wheel for most of this game. We finally found some urgency in the bottom of the 6th and scored 4 runs. Now Brand X-ers were nervous. The laughter stopped. The “we need an out” chatter was louder. And the third baseman kept asking the base coach “What’s the score now?”

In the top half of the 7th inning our defense once again rose to the occasion and they didn’t score. 11-5 and our last chance for glory. In no time at all there were 2 outs. But then it started with a single. Then another. A double that scored one. 11-6! Then it happened. A bases clearing drove over the head of the outfield and it was 11-9! But that was as close as we would get. A ground ball and a throw to first and just like that it was over. Poof…

But we scared ’em. Scared ’em good. Plus, I just found out that Jigsaw is in the playoffs. And you’ll never guess who we might run into in the first round? You guessed it. BRAND X! A little pay-back would be sweet. We’ll find out next week after the last regular season game. I’ll let you know. If you’ve got nothing to do, why don’t you stop by, grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy a little United Adworkers softball. It don’t cost nothing…


Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell