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Happy 100th would-be birthday, Marshall McLuhan!

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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marshall McLuhan, the media theorist who coined the expressions “the medium is the message” and “the global village.” He also predicted the World Wide Web almost 30 years before it was invented. Although many of us have studied McLuhan in college or at least Googled his prophecies, it will be true to say that very few of us actually know anything about him. So, what better way to learn about Marshall McLuhan and celebrate his birthday than watching a short documentary with Tom Wolfe, produced and directed by Marshall’s daughter, Stephanie McLuhan-Ortved. I am sure Nick Pipitone will be excited about the Woody Allen cameo. Completely random fact, but did you know that McLuhan’s first teaching job was at the University of Wisconsin Madison?

“Today, on the eve of the 21st century, with hot speculation about the coming digital civilization, in which all humanity will be wired up and online so that geographic locations and national boundaries, or so it’s predicted, will become irrelevant, McLuhan is very much in the center of the screen again, nearly two decades after his death, this time as the first seer of cyberspace.” – Tom Wolfe

And if you want to hear Marshall McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan Speaks is a great resource with videos of him talking about the global village, TV, the electronic age, and even himself. Enjoy.

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