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Is sharing really caring?

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How many social interaction sites could we possibly need? Pause for effect. I realize the difference between needing and wanting is different, but honestly here, what’s going on? Now before I go pointing fingers, I’ll admit I just signed up for the new Google+ community. I think that’s the reason for this more-or-less rant. I don’t know, it just looked so dang cool. The colors, the plus symbol after Google’s┬áperennial┬ámark. So I guess my self-realization here was that I was taken advantage of or even victimized by… great design. Anyways, back to trying to make this blog post worth the space it takes up. My point (or maybe question) of this is when is enough…enough? When does the butter run out because we’ve spread it over too many pieces of toast? I understand the drive to perfect something. So in that sense, I guess I could justify there being this many social media sites. But if not in the name of progression, then what? Are we all really so insanely eager to share ev-r-ery-thing with ev-r-y-body on a multitude of platforms? Are we all that caring? How very kind of us. Now please, if you would tweet, share, post, blog, reblog, and like this post I’d appreciate it.

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