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Say hello to the second group of OrangeAid interns

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Jigsaw and OrangeAid interns

Two weeks ago we welcomed our new group of interns. However, we were so busy working with them that we forgot to officially introduce them here. Without further ado, please say hello to Jenn, Bryan, MadelineJoelLaura and Kelly.

Jennifer Spelman is a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison majoring in retail. She loves dancing and performed at a national dance competition in New York City. She even took second place in her age group.

Bryan Padovano is a junior at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design majoring in communications design. He is funny, smart, talented, passionate about what he does and at one point of his life attended a Spice Girls concert. My 10-year old self bows in respect.

Madeline Bok is also a rising junior but at Marquette University studying advertising, Spanish and graphic design. She wants to be Nick Pipitone when she grows up. How could we not hire her?! Or maybe that was her strategy to get in.

Joel Rottier is a junior (senior-ish in his words, whatever that means) majoring in graphic design with a background in strategic communication at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is a night owl who believes that I have unlimited supplies of chocolate and sticky notes, which might or might not be true.

Laura Moorhead is a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities. She started her college career as a interior design major but later switched to strategic communication and media production. Laura is a Vice-President of Development of Kappa Alpha Theta’s Upsilon Chapter and, just like other people on the team, a creative speller.

Kelly Warpechowski is a junior at Alverno College majoring in interactive media design. She loves bringing people’s ideas to life. Besides being the president of IMD Adobe Designers, Kelly is also a DJ for Alverno Inferno Free Radio. Oh, and I almost forgot; today is Kelly’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday!

You can follow their creative adventures on Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr.

Welcome to Jigsaw and OrangeAid.

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