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Jigsaw project manager gets hole-in-one at advertising golf outing

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Our web project manager, Jacque Dahlgren, successfully completed another project last Friday, by putting the ball in the hole in one shot at the par 3 6th hole at Mee-Kwon golf course in Mequon, Wisconsin. As expected, Jacque employed the five phases of a web project to complete her task:

Discover: She identified the hole as in fact the 6th, a par 3. She identified the pin placement. Calculated the wind direction. She considered her past golf experiences and scores to inform actionable items in the next phase.

Define: After putting together all the data collected in the discovery phase, she decided to use a 5 wood.

Design: A tee was deployed straight into the ground and she stood carefully behind the ball, looking up at her target to make sure everything was in proper alignment. After making a few changes and final adjustments, her plan was approved and she gave herself the go ahead to swing the club.

Deploy: She swung her club perfectly and the ball was lofted directly toward the green, where it promptly bounced into the cup.

Market: Scream.


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