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Planet Forward using crowdsourcing to develop content and inspire

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Written by Amanda Janssen-Egan and Julie Pendergast

We know our planet is changing. Stories about global warming, population growth, natural disasters and its future impact on our planet, flood (no pun intended,) our TV programs, newspapers and magazines. We are exposed to these issues on a daily basis.  Some of us take it seriously. Some of us don’t give it a second thought. PBS’s Planet Forward, a project of the Center for Innovative Media at The George Washington University, wants you to get involved, and they are offering fame in return.

Users can submit their ideas for community innovation for adapting to a future planet at http://planetforward.org/season/adaptation/, for a chance to be featured in one of Planet Forward’s many webisodes, on PBS’s Nightly Business Report, or in their Fall 2011 PBS Special on Smart Communities. Nominated ideas will be posted on the site, where users can vote on the winners. Do you have an idea to submit? Check out other’s recent ideas here.

Photo By, Loca Luna/Anna Gay

What a great example of using crowdsourcing to develop content, while at the same time spreading the word about a cause that affects us all.  Not to mention inspiring community involvement. Have you given a second thought to how the changing planet is going to affect future generations? Is there anything in particular you do? Can you tell the difference in the environment between now and when you were a kid?

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