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Train wreck – Jigsaw softball game #3

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Definition provided by Urban Dictionary:

Train wreck:

A total f*%#@ing disaster … the kind that makes you want to shake your head.

BVK 9 – Jigsaw 3

I don’t know where to start. It’s one thing to lose to a superior team, but it’s something completely different to beat yourself. Everybody gets in a slump. We just happened to ALL slump at the same time. Hopefully, it’s out of our system and we can get back to playing the Jigsaw style of softball that we all know and love.

Defensively we were pretty solid. A couple double plays, a base runner thrown out at third, another tagged out that got caught in a pickle.  We even got a cheap out when the catcher skillfully shagged a foul ball. WE JUST COULD NOT HIT THE BALL! No runs until the 6th inning?! How does that happen in softball?! I personally did not hit the ball out of the infield (hang your head in shame…) Bad pitching had something to do with it, but come on. Anyway…

On the bright side, it didn’t rain! Maybe it should have. At least we would have some sort of excuse!

Next week we have Laughlin Constable at Estabrook Park. Come on out and witness the splendor of Adworkers Softball. I promise you’ll see a different team.

Besides, the beer is always cold.


Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell