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The student section V. 5. look like you mean it

— Culture & Observations —

Having ideas is hard work. Selling ideas is just as hard. But what good is your idea if you can’t sell it? Of course it has to be strategically correct, on point, relevant, and now more than ever, at least slightly entertaining.

Once you have all those bases covered, here’s a little bit of advice to help you get clients to believe in what you have to say: dress (at least a little) like a client.

The fact is, you got in this business to be a professional. To solve clients’ problems creatively and you want them to value your thinking. They are more likely to value someone who presents well, and looks the part, not of a quirky creative person, but someone who takes his job very seriously and acknowledges that this is a business, not your personal playground to make stuff up for fun.

Now don’t freak out. I’m not saying you need to jump in your car to the nearest Men’s Wearhouse and buy some cheap suit. You should have your own style. And carry yourself confidently. If you are confident in yourself, it can be contagious and clients can sense it. Don’t be afraid to wear a tie. A jacket. Buy one killer pair of shoes. You’re in the world of helping clients build their brand. What is your personal brand? How can you build credibility?

Of course, your ideas need to be great (ever heard the term “empty suit?). Your professionalism alone can not do the trick. But how you present yourself, and your ideas, can be the difference between a client believing in what you have to say and heading for the door, and you going back to the drawing board.


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