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Gray, black, blue and orange – Jigsaw softball game 02

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Hopefully we won’t be playing under gray skies and rain ALL summer long.
But I digress…

Bader Rutter 15. Jigsaw 11. But it was much closer than the score says because these guys were GOOD—from top to bottom; tight on defense and monsters at the plate. Some of these balls traveled so far that they should have had a damn stewardess on them. To add insult to injury, our pitcher was drilled by a line drive leaving her with a goose egg on her shin that I’m sure by now is a dark shade of purple. Our third baseman broke his knee brace sliding into home (a knee brace acquired last season by trying to stretch a double into a triple). It’s full contact softball out here.

But we persevered. We had our version of monsters at the plate. Well placed hits. Hits exactly when we needed them. Hits just over their heads. They all added up to runs on the board. We made our share of defensive plays too. Strike outs. A double play. A shoestring catch late in the game. Good stuff, just not quite enough of it. It happens. That’s why we play the game. Good players rise to the occasion to play against good opponents. We have nothing to hang our heads about. On paper they should have beat us bad. But Jigsaw has heart. I’ll take that any day.

Next up is Brand X at Kletzsch Park.
Stop out, grab a cold one and enjoy the grandeur of Adworkers softball.

Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell