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What does your corporate blog really say about you?

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Last week, I presented at the BizTimes BizTech conference. Having been asked to talk about “what does your blog say about you?”, I decided to audit all blogs of the 50 largest companies in Milwaukee  (in this case, private companies, because that’s the list that is easily accessible) and editorialize about what messages, both intended and unintended, I think they are sending.

The identities of the blogging “Don’t” examples are disguised (you know, like “fashion don’t” people in Glamour Magazine?). Like these, too many corporate blogs are overtly self-promotional, sound like press releases instead of human beings, or don’t invite conversation. Blogging “Do” examples are also shared, from SC Johnson, Jockey, and Johnson Bank.

The best corporate blogs do the following: Talk to me, Reach for a bigger idea, are Useful, Have a Soul, and are Transparent. Which all adds up to TRUST.

Here’s the presentation; I hope you find it useful. Thanks to: Steven Wold for the “Confessions of a Corporate Blog” concept; Nick Pipitone for helping me with the acronym, because if Nick doesn’t get credit, I’ll hear about it for the rest of my life ; );  superstar designer Trevor Eiler for making my raw material into an eye candy; the good folks at BizTimes for inviting me; and the BizTech audience, which was a great, smart group that is into blogging for all the right reasons and asked great questions.

In a nutshell, so much of successful corporate blogging (which can be defined many different ways; that’s another topic for another day) comes down to approach and personality. I suggest approaching a blog like telling a story or writing a letter. And the degree of interaction with a corporate blog is directly proportional to the strength of the personality (or personalities) of the content. In my experience/opinion.

What do you think makes a corporate blog stand out from the sea of 152 million blogs in the universe?

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