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Jigsaw softball opening day

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It was a dark and stormy night. The clouds were ominous and the wind was howling. Oh, and it was opening day for Adworkers Softball. Our first opponent, Versant. We won the coin toss to determine the home team and never looked back. We started fast scoring 10 runs in the first 2 innings while holding our opponent scoreless. It sprinkled. It thundered. It rained. But we played on. Versant managed to come to within 2 runs late in the game, but it would not be enough. Jigsaw scored 5 more in our half of the inning making the score 18-11. And then the lighting. Lighting and aluminum bats don’t mix.

Final score Jigsaw: 18 Versant: 11 in 5 innings.

Kudos to everybody who played. Not any standout performances, but we stood out as a team. Next up: Bader Rutter at Estabrook Park May 18th @ 6pm. All are welcome to stop out and witness the majesty that is Adworkers Softball. You might even get a cold beer for the effort.

Matt O'Donnell
Posted by Matt O'Donnell