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The student section V. 4. Use different lenses

— Culture & Observations —

I’m really into photography. About a year and a half ago I won a camera during a contest conducted on Twitter. Ever since I won the camera, I have not stopped taking pictures. I take it everywhere I go. A friend of mine gave me a case of old Nikon lenses and I’ve been using them ever since. I usually carry three lenses around with me at all times, for different situations.

It got me thinking how, as a creative person, we all have to carry around a number of different lenses to be successful. When we’re new in the business we tend to carry one lens, the lens that is our own, the lens that looks at our work only one way — the way only we can see it. It serves you well for a while until you realize you need to see your work from a number of different angles before we can get the best picture of our work.

You must learn to look at your work through the lens of an account executive and strategist. Is it on strategy? Does it make sense? Does it communicate what we want to communicate?

You must learn to look at your work through the lens of your creative director. Is it at a creative level that is acceptable to your creative director?

You must learn to look at your work through the lens of the client — this for many is the hardest lens to see through — you must get to know your client and understand their likes, dislikes, tastes and understand their business. Will your client approve your idea?

And you must, ultimately, be able to see through the lens of the consumer or “end user” of the product you are advertising. The 20 something beer guy. The 40 something woman who wants to go on a diet. The couple who are thinking about having their first baby. Business to business clients have the toughest lenses to see through of them all. As creatives, we are asked to get into the mindset of a lot of different people, once you hone this lens the better, more creative and more strategic and relevant your work can be.

So start amassing your lens collection. If you get the right ones, the better your work and the more fruitful your career will be.

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