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It can be rewarding without being profitable

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Why is it that the projects you enjoy working on most are often the ones you aren’t getting paid for? One theory I have is that it’s self-rewarding. You feel like you are helping someone reach a goal, and more often than not, who ever is on the receiving end is genuinely thrilled with whatever it is you are assisting with. It’s an added bonus when you are a passionate supporter of the people you are helping—like 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

88Nine is a young station. They have been on the air now for just over four years, but until the beginning of this year, they have never advertised. Their success so far has been mainly from word of mouth, and also simply because there just isn’t another station in the area that plays such a diverse mix of good music. We were tasked with formally introducing the station to the city, but our concept not only introduced 88Nine to Milwaukee, it also introduced several “new” artists to the city. 88.9FM is truly “Where Milwaukee Discovers New Music.”

The billboards and bus shelters ran in numerous rotating locations from January through February (You may find some surviving artwork around the city still). In addition to the outdoor campaign, we were also able to work with our great friends at Aurum Design on producing a theater spot for the station.

In the end, we hope their introduction has been warmly received with excited new listeners. Who knows, maybe we have even inspired some to update their own personal playlists. Our relationship will continue to grow, so look forward to more from us and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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