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Beginner's luck? Yikes, bad unintended pun

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Photo Showdown X’s theme was Luck. The photographers were Dave Hoffman (representing Sue’s PS IX win), Nick Pipitone, Ben Halpin, and Jen Kuhn. And, here is how the story unfolded:

1. Dave Hoffman – C. Luck of the Dice, 50.6%
2. Nick Pipitone – B. Lady Luck, 25.3%
3. Ben Halpin – D. Lucky Shot, 14.46%
4. Jen Kuhn – A. Can I Keep Him?, 9.64%

In Dave’s very first appearance he managed to rake in more than 50% of the votes! I’ve been consoling Nick, but I’m sure your comments and kind words would also help in the healing process. Congratulations goes out to Dave, his win was quite incredible. What’s even more incredible is next week Dave will be moving on, but facing the former crown holder Sue Spaight, as well as Danielle Fritz, and myself. Next week our theme will be Reflections, and the only thing I can promise is a fierce and exciting battle.

Thanks for voting. See you next week.

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