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The hard drive archives V. 2. What happened to eloquence and poignancy?

— Art & Design —

Once again, it’s time to go back to the trusty hard drive for the things that I found great inspiration from the beginning of my career. I still find this spot amazing. I had pulled this commercial off a random site back in the day; it blew me away the first time I saw it. It is simplicity in communication, yet sophisticated and eloquent and poignant in its delivery. The spot for The Times of London, has a simple strategy: There are no simple stories – you have to dig for the meaning. It is executed and written with great skill. This spot is all about a banana, of all things; a banana being representative of so many more things than simple sustenance. The spot says it all – it has caused wars, bad jokes, and even ugly racism.

The spot is also a reminder, for me, of how we should never underestimate the value of great writing. I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial that captures eloquence in communication quite like this. It seems the TV commercial landscape (which is still very alive and well by the way) is littered with bad humor, big type and maudlin emotion. It’s rare to see a commercial like this. The visuals tell a simple story and don’t get in the way of the idea. Awesome spot. I hope you find as much inspiration in it as I do.

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