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Mobility and connectivity: mobile trends and changes in behavior

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I’ve had some interesting conversations about mobile trends in the past few weeks, just like everyone else in the industry. Ok, maybe not everyone is having interesting conversations, but most people are at least paying attention to what is happening in the mobile space. Honestly, I did not realize how HUGE mobile is and how rapidly it is growing until I watched this video from Think Mobile by Google with Mary Meeker and Matt Murphy from Kleiner Perkins and  Dennis Woodside and Jason Spero from Google. (By the end of the year 50% of Americans will own a smart phone. When you factor in feature phones with web browsing capabilities, that means that by the end of the year most cell phone owners will access the web on the go.)

Mary Meeker, who has been reporting on Internet and mobile trends since her time at Morgan Stanley, provides some great numbers to show that mobile has hit critical mass and highlights the importance of SoLoMo, the convergence of social, local and mobile. You can see the deck she and Matt Murphy used after the video.

In the second part of the video Google shares not just statistics on how people use mobile, but also some examples and tips on how to take advantage of mobile:

  1. Create a mobile specific site
  2. Think local
  3. Get personal
  4. Track mobile independently
  5. Iterate, iterate, iterate

One of the most interesting points made is that one in seven search inquiries (for some industries that number is much higher) is via mobile search and if you do not provide a mobile experience that is like not conducting business with your customers on Thursdays.

Enough highlights. Watch the video and check out the presentation.

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