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"Curious" results

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The results from last weeks Photo Showdown are pretty one-sided. No one seemed to stand a chance against this weeks winner, Sue Spaight, who captured your hearts with her “UPS Man” shot.

Official Results:

1. Sue Spaight, UPS Man, 55.56%

2. Michael Prince, Chasing Shadows, 25.93%

3. Danielle Fritz, Little Explorer, 14.81%

4. Trevor Eiler, The Lookout, 3.7%

Not only is Sue this weeks’ Photo Showdown Champion, but she is also the Champion of Awesomeness since she is graciously handing her crown over to one of our new interns, Dave Hoffman. He will represent Sue’s win in next Monday’s contest along with Nick Pipitone, Ben Halpin, Jen Kuhn.

Next week’s theme is Luck.

Stay Tuned, and thanks for your votes!

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