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Welcome the first rockstar OrangeAid interns!

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Jigsaw LLC, advertising agency, internshipToday we welcome the shiny new crop of interns selected from “billions” of applicants for the new OrangeAid intern laboratory muahahahaha. They are here to help Jigsaw do great work…and to do good things for the community.

Dave Hoffman is an uber-talented junior communications design major at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Dave likes to make stuff, geeks out about games and apps, and wears his camera 24/7/365. His girlfriend’s mother is making an afghan of his personal logo.

Kim Sullivan is another seriously talented senior graphic design major, studying at UW-Milwaukee. She digs branding, packaging and web design. She wears cool yellow shoes and her favorite movies are Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Terminator 2.

Dan Kowalsky is a senior marketing major at Marquette University. He got this awesome internship by sucking up to us on the Twitter (and being smart and self-motivated). Dan is a former spelling bee champion and will henceforth be responsible for all agency proofreading.

Roxanne Nickolie is junior at UW-Milwaukee, with a double major in strategic communication and creative writing. She is a hilarious fast-talking bundle of nervous energy who I bet will be pretty pumped about sending her parents a link to this post (*waves to parents*).

We’re expecting great things from this new team-within-our-team and are excited and thankful that they have joined us. Please drop them a note of welcome.

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