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The blizzard of 2011 as seen through the eyes of the Jigsaw contributors

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It gave us up to 20 inches of snow, up to 50 mph winds, up to 15 foot waves, drifts. It shut down interstates, used all 101 MKE plows, created power outages, furnace problems. It closed malls, schools, businesses, transit systems and the airport. It buried cars and driveways.

Call it what you like:
Snowtorious B.I.G.
The Great Snorm of 2011
The Slizzard Blizzard
The Snopocolypse

But most importantly, it gave us snowmen, sledding, hot chocolate, coffee with Baileys and fort making. Dogs loved it, children adored it, adults couldn’t get enough of it. It provided a multitude of photo opps and bonding opportunities. It made us smile like we were young and foolish again, it made us frown and use muscles we didn’t know we had.

Long live the Blizzard of 2011.

*All photos courtesy of Jigsaw contributors

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