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Photo Showdown VI – The results show

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The winning photo this week helps prove a theory of mine, which is, anything involving a cat and/or kitten on the internet is going to get far more attention and love than whatever else it is you trying to advertise, read, or look at. It’s a scientific fact, and with that said I’ve decided any banner ads we do from now on should only be pictures of kittens, and nothing else. Click-thrus, Yes please. However, I do not want to discredit our winner, it is a fantastic shot for many other reasons including superior talent, and awesomeness.

Congratulations to Jen, she is the winner!

The results go like this:
1. Jen (G. Tusker) – 16 votes
2. Michael (F. Snow Bunny) – 13 votes
3. Ben (E. Wake) – 9 votes
4. Tied between Nick (A. Early Frost) and Myself (D. Looks to Kill) – 7 votes
5. Danielle (C. Eye) – 5 votes
6. Sue (B. Dutch) – 1 vote

Next week the theme is going to be “Snow“. I figured the 9-20 inches we are supposed get should allow a plethora of photo ops. But, I do have to say a meteorologist saying 9-20 inches is like a cable guy saying he’ll be there between 8:30AM and 3:00PM. Thanks for the info!

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