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"HOPE IS forever"

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Time-lapse footage courtesy of Michael Prince

It will be one year tomorrow since our “Hope is” project made it’s debute in Green Bay, WI. It will also be one year to the day that I watched my dad begin his downward climb in his own fight against cancer.

Ask anyone who’s had it and survived. Who’s watched someone battle it, victorious or not. Ask anyone who’s come anywhere close to even the word “cancer” and the likelihood is, at some point in conversation, the word “hope” was used.

They’re like two peas in a pod. Hope and Cancer. Cancer and Hope. Why are they so connected? Because in terms of cancer, ┬áhope means that we accept the fight. Hope means that one day we will conquer this disease. Hope becomes the one thing we can hold on to and something positive that connects us.

So sure a year ago we made a large wall, a traveling exhibit and an experimental minisite. But most importantly, we made a community. A community of hope. A place where strength and encouragement can be found and left behind.

Let me leave a few messages from the site as your inspiration to use a HOPE message and to leave one behind. Help us grow the community — because in the fight againts cancer, we stand stronger together than we do apart.

“HOPE IS found within me.” — WiYan, WI
“HOPE IS acreditar na vida e nas pessoas” — Bruno, MA
“HOPE IS a smile from a stranger, a child’s laugh, a dog wagging its tail, a homemade cupcake, a cure.” — Shawna, CO
“HOPE IS knowing you are not alone in your journey with cancer.” — Wayne Konitzer, WI
“HOPE IS believing you can, even when everyone else says that you can’t.” — Steph, WI
“HOPE IS detecting it early.” –Diane Banaszynski, WI
“HOPE IS believing.” — Michelle, NJ
“HOPE IS the only sustainable fuel to run the world on.” Laura, MA
“HOPE IS knowing that hardship is never permanent.” — Jared, UT
“HOPE IS feeling confident in good things to come.” — Brian Hurshman, NM
“HOPE IS a lifetime of springs.” — Sue Northey, WI
“HOPE IS knowing that you are still breathing.” — Khadeeja Alkaff, NY
“HOPE IS the real deal. Hope may be all you have. Take it a way and nothings left.” — Toni King, KY
“HOPE IS talking with someone who has been where you are…and survived.” –NGW, KY
“HOPE IS knowing that I will see him again…miss you so much dad.” — Beth Paprocki, WI
“HOPE IS knowing that God has your tomorrow in his hands.” — Elizabeth, PA
“HOPE IS empowering.” — Janet, NY

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